Your Complete Guide to Drone Roof Surveys

If you’re worried about the condition of your roof and whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, you should consider having a roof survey conducted. These are performed by professional roofers and involve a full inspection of your roof, including the chimney stack, roof flashing, fascias, soffits, guttering, and more. It’s an important job and one that is both time-consuming and potentially dangerous.

However, there is a more effective way to get the job done, namely with a drone roof survey. In this article, we will look at what is involved in a drone roof survey and how it can help you identify and diagnose any roofing issues you might have.

What does a drone roof survey entail?

At its simplest, a drone roof survey is performed by one of our experienced roofers, operating a drone with a high-resolution camera attached. They will fly the drone over your roof and take still shots and video footage of the entire area. This allows us to spot all kinds of problems that you wouldn’t notice at ground level or possibly even at roofline level.

What are the typical roof problems encountered by a drone survey?

Drone roof surveys turn up evidence of all manner of roof problems. This includes cracked and missing flashing; chimney pointing; broken ridge tiles; missing slates, tiles, and shingles; weather damage; mould, moss, and algae; blocked gutters; damaged fascias and soffits; and so much more.

Benefits of a drone roof survey

There are many advantages to having a drone roof survey conducted rather than a manual survey. These are just some of the more prominent ones.


Inspecting a roof in person can be difficult. Even the most skilled roofer is limited in terms of damage and deterioration from certain vantage points. Using a remote drone to capture footage and photos, it’s possible to attain greater levels of accuracy. Part of this is that the drone operator, upon spotting a potential problem, can zoom in immediately to get clearer evidence. They can also take shots of the affected area from different angles, something that a person stationed on the roof might have problems with. Finally, these high-resolution images can be thoroughly inspected and double-checked following the survey, limiting the chance for human error.


A drone survey inspection takes much less time than one performed by a human being. A manual survey requires a trained roofer to set up ladders, scaffolding, or a mobile platform to inspect the roof from several different angles. Each of these requires the repositioning of that access equipment, adding to the time spent on the survey. A drone roof survey can be conducted in a fraction of the time, usually with better quality of photographic evidence and greater accuracy as discussed above.


Roofing work always carries some risk, which is why professional roofers are so keen to mitigate that risk wherever possible. When it comes to roof surveys, every time a roofer climbs up to a different section of the roof, they are putting their lives on the line. With a drone roof survey, they can operate the drone safely from ground level while still getting all the data they need for an accurate diagnosis.

How much does a drone survey cost?

Prices for drone roof surveys vary from one roofing company to another, but you can normally expect to pay between £200 and £300 for a full survey. This compares favourably with a traditional manual survey, especially considering the benefits detailed above.

How to prepare for a drone roof survey

For most home and business owners, there should be no extra precautions they need to take prior to a drone roof survey. We always recommend checking with your Local Authority to determine if there are any regulations in your area that prohibit or limit the flying of drones for commercial purposes. This is particularly important if your property is close to a restricted area or on a commercial flight path. As the property owner, you would be held liable for any fines or penalties arising from these regulations being violated.

Drone Roof Surveys: Final Thoughts

If you believe your roof could benefit from a drone roof survey, contact LMC Roofing & Building Ltd today. We have been performing these surveys on properties across Birmingham for many years and can guarantee a job well done. Give the team a call on 0121 325 1306 or 07508 731661 or send an email to to arrange a free consultation with one of our roofing experts.



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